Penis Sounding

Penis sounding, also known as urethral sounding, is a sexual practice that involves inserting a thin metal or silicone rod into the urethra to stimulate the urethral walls and create powerful orgasms, but it can also cause serious injuries and infections if not done properly.

Penis Sounding
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About Urethral Sounding Sex Toys For Men

Men engage in a practise known as “sounding,” which involves inserting specially crafted objects, usually made of glass or metal, into the orifice at the end of their penises.

The purpose of this behaviour is to increase their partner’s interest in exploring their penis while also increasing their own sexual pleasure.

Urethral sounding is a popular practise outside the realm of medicine for a number of reasons.

It includes sexual behaviour that increases arousal and pleasure during intercourse.

The practise carries a significant danger of harm, according to medical research.

The user may be unable to retrieve the sounding instruments once they have submerged far into the urethra.