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Loyalty Program – Adult Toys Rewards Program

Loyalty Program – Adult Toys Rewards Program @

What the Mindadultshop loyalty program is:


Get 10 points when you register an account.


Every time you shop, you may earn points.


Save money by converting your points into discounts.

Benefits of Membership

Utilising your points is simple.

When checking out, paste your code after clicking Redeem My Points.

  • 7% off of 50 points
  • 8% off of 100 points
  • $100 minimum with $25 off 250 points
  • $30 off 500 points (minimum $250)
  • $80 Off 1000 Points (Minimum $500)
  • 11% off of 1,500 Points


My Adult Sex Shop Loyalty Points

My Coupons


What Are My Loyalty Points Worth?


How I Earned My Sex Toy Loyalty Points


My Referral Link – Earn More Points By Referring Friends




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